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There is different kinds of outlays in bedroom Cupboards. The space you have will basically determine the outlay or design you will have. But having said that, one must always remember that space saving techniques and good outlays will make the most of the space you have.

First determine your need. If you do not have a lot of workspace, it is important to economize on what you have. Here are some ideas for basic outlays.

Bedroom Cupboards consist usually of three basic areas:

Shelve space

Hang Space

Drawer space

If you have a little space to get the cupboards done then you will probable have to sacrifice on shelve space. Although it can work better if you have the need for it. Bigger drawers may work well but again you must realize that a shelve may work better than a drawer seeing that clothes stack on each other is easier to identify than clothes that are stack on each other in a drawer.

When deciding on the space of the cupboard it is therefore needful to first sit down and determine your need. Do you need more space for hanging or double hanging or do you need more shelves? This will give you a basic good idea in what you will look at.

Draw now a rough sketch of what you may need. In normal height ceilings you will probably have storage shelves on top (full ceiling height cupboards) of the normal cupboards, keep that in mind and determine what your needs are.

Remember also that cupboards for male and female will most of the time also differ. Female cupboards may have more need of shelves and some drawers than male cupboards. If you have the space, create one for “him” and one for “her” so that both are satisfied and have what they need!

Remember to include the measurements and info when supplying your quotation.

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